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Zhongyin Lawyer Was Elected As Independent Director of CNFC Overseas Fisheries Co.,Ltd.


On August 28th, 2017, CNFC Overseas Fisheries Co.,Ltd, held a shareholder meeting, Zhou Junli, the members of Zhongyin CMC and senior partner, was elected as the independent director, the chairman of the remuneration and assessment committee of the board with rich experience.

CNFC Overseas Fisheries Co.,Ltd, is the joint stock listed company which mainly engage in ocean pelagic fisheries and related industries production and management and international economic and technological cooperation, its main business involves in the importing and exporting of ocean fishing, product processing, storage and transportation, aquatic products trade, fishing boats, fishing machines and other fishing materials, and the international economic and technological cooperation, its various deep-sea fishing vessels and transport ship operations include North Pacific, South the Atlantic, the India ocean and the Southwest Pacific.

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