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Zhongyin Boost “The Belt and Road” and Foster Hongkong Outstanding Legal Talents


    When the country vigorously promote the “The Belt and Road” policy, “Hongkong overseas students in mainland legal professional internship program 2017" The Belt and Road "opportunity” started at 4 weeks before. On August 5th, 2017, the 4 weeks internship was end. Hongkong interns thanks all the agencies in Landmark Towers Hotel. Zhang Xiaoming, deputy director of the Ministry of justice, Xi Junjian, deputy director of laws and regulation department of Hongkong and Macao, Wang Zhenmin, the minister of liaison office legal department, Fu Xiaohui, the director of Hongkong office in Beijing, and representatives involved in this internship program, took part in this thanks feast. Zhongyin Law Firm’s CMC member Li Zheng and senior partner Huang Yunyan were invited to attend. 

    On the feast, lawyer Li Zheng expressed his sincere congratulations on the successful implementation of "overseas Hongkong students' mainland law professional practice program 2017", and highly praised Hongkong interns for their independent thinking ability, outstanding business sensitivity and serious and responsible work attitude. In Jan 2016, Zhongyin Law Firm set up the first joint law firms combined with mainland China, Hongkong and Macao: Zhongyin-Litu-Fangshi(Hengqin) joint law firm. Zhongyin Law Firm is the only firm to set up a joint law firm, so Zhongyin Law Firm has more enthusiasm and advantage to undertake this activity. In July 2016, Zhongyin Law Firm participated in the “Hongkong students study and intern in mainland 2016 program” activity, providing important job and arranging good leading partner. This year, Zhongyin Law Firm is invested again to receive Hongkong interns with Zhonglun, Jindu, Dacheng and other domestic top ten firms. During the 4 weeks internship, our youth lawyers and Hongkong interns both benefit from each other through the ideological and cultural collision in their work. 

    Strengthening cultural exchanges between the mainland and Hongkong, providing more learning opportunities and broader development platform for young students is our bounden duty. Zhongyin Law Firm take “The Belt and Road” policy as guide, take young students development as their own responsibility, believe that with the platform built by mainland and Hongkong, the young students can serve our county, and contribute to the development of Chinese lawyers industry. 

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